Custom Portrait Question Form

If not, please explain below.
If not, help give me an idea — list rough heights, who’s taller or shorter, or just who goes up to where.
For example: should one paper doll’s skin be a couple shades darker than another’s? Should one paper doll have darker or lighter hair? (Sometimes these contrasts aren’t easy to distinguish from photos that are taken in different lighting, etc., so if applicable, please describe.)
I’ll arrange a composition that looks good aesthetically, but if — for example — you have a preference for who holds a baby, or which pet is next to which person, let me know.
For the entries below, describe each person included in the portrait.
What color? Which photo should I reference for style?
Which photo(s) should I reference for each person? Describe any details (patterns, colors, styling, fit) that aren’t clear. Don’t forget shoes!
Are there any details I should be sure to include? Think dimples, trademark red lipstick, etc.